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Welcome to my site which is home to an eclectic collection of my thoughts, passions and creations.

As a speaker, I engage audiences and run a fun effective program. I believe that honest engagement and transparent truths create lasting memories and effective change. I speak confidently and knowledgeably on subjects ranging from finding faith after religion through living with multiple chronic illnesses and more.

From books and OoaK dolls to bespoke clothing and more, I create as I’m inspired so the shop should be treated as a place to buy what you like when you see it as the offerings will change. Of course, fan favorites will always be brought back.

As an author I write on any subject I find interesting and will continue to expand my catalog to include works in more genres. My work often imagines a world where the fantastic is reality and magic is as normal as living. Where sexuality is not taboo and life is for the living and occasionally for the dead.

Thank you for your interest in my life journey as an holistic entrepreneur. Bookmark and share as we connect and grow together.


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