Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey: Art, Beats & Lyrics 2018

What can I say? When my tribe gets together to cover an event we bring our individual flava’s to it. We are authentically ourselves in ways that elevate the energy and showcase unique moments that can be overlooked by those presenting the same ole same ole.

If you took the time to watch the video you saw before the show footage of us having a grand time while the DJ prepped their set, and we made friends with the bartenders. In case you’re wondering the diva in the red with her famous body roll is none other than KD King. We had cameos by andallthatJazie and the coordinator of HAAB, our own maker of group magic, Sharlotte.

We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with the Houston team for Jack Daniel’s Honey whiskey so at any given event they sponsor HAAB is going to show up and be about our business.

With my tribe there to Aiiii and ahhh with me, we were introduced to a host of Black artists whose work is powerful and evocative. The curator, Dubelyoo, did an amazing job of bringing it all together and was incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging.

Besides this stunning piece that showcased an era of my life I remember fondly (LL Cool J started rapping in my mind as soon as I saw it) everyone who knows me knows that the purple had me in a visual happy place.

One of my favorite pieces for multiple reasons. 
Back in the day…his installation really brought back memories

Dubelyoo was kind enough to spare a bit of his time to give me a tour of his installation. Saying that I geeked out over the boombox and the vinyl would be an understatement. It was a mini-trip back in time to making mixtapes and catching your favorite jams on the radio late at night.

Just one of the column light boxes on display during the show
Rhapsody making it do what it do
Do you see what I see?

Although I have pictures of almost every piece of art that was on display I’m glad to be able to share a few that were caught by the resident photographer. The last picture doesn’t do the attendees justice.  Not only was HAAB in the house, there were so many Houston personalities and media who came out to enjoy the night, the art, the crowd and of course the Jack Tenneesse Honey Whiskey. We learned more about signature cocktails (see the video above).

So to recap, the art was amazing, the organizers and curator were dope, the cocktails were slamming, my tribe was awesome, the attendees brought the flava and it’s a damn good thing to be a #friendofjack.

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