A day in the life of…


For the last two years my life has been fairly routine (for me) with a part-time job and my family living our lives to the best of our abilities.

Barring illness I’m up at 4:45am every day. Not because I have anywhere to be that early but because my body, mind and spirit tend to work together better when I’m up before the sun and my family. The first thing that I do is take my thyroid replacement medication, Synthroid and Cytomel. It has taken me years to get used to the fact that every day for the rest of my life I’ll need to take these medications to live. Living with surgically induced hypo-thyroidism is not something I’m going to go into detail about in this post, I’ll have many more details in my upcoming book; Un-4Ceen, How returning to Natural changed my life. Understanding how my health challenges inspired me to open my eyes and look at things more in-depth and with a greater application of critical thought will hopefully help those facing the same issues and choices.

After I take my medication, I have to wait 30 minutes before I can eat or drink anything other than water. During that time I journal, stretch and put on my work out gear. I used to head out the door to get to the gym by 5:15 but since we’ve moved things have changed a bit. Now I either walk our subdivision or hop on my treadmill. We’ve finally gotten the weight bench, roman chair lift and punching bag set up in the garage so I’ll be using those as well as body weight exercises, battle ropes and ladders. I typically work out 1-1.5 hours per day. For inspiration and work out routines I tend to use the resources of body building.com. I love Joy Diggs of Digg Deep Fitness, but alas I live too far north to see her as often as I like, plus she gives me really good advice that I don’t want to hear (I LOVE LIFTING HEAVY!!!!) My sister is also a kick-butt motivator and inspiration.

I typically work 6 hours Monday – Thursday and then 2 hours on Friday. My afternoon schedule varies based on if I take the bus home or not, which I tend to do when I’m in a Fitbit challenge with my family because I’m not going to let them beat my steps without a fight.  Our competitiveness could probably become a blog series filled with a ton of laughter and “are you serious” moments.

Depending on my master plan for the month I may have done things for my business before work or I’ll have scheduled time after work. With our grandchild’s school not having homework anymore, I get to spend time reading and playing a little basketball or board games with him after school.

I’m adjusting my schedule to deal with additional business opportunities as well as learning and creating otherwise I’d post a picture of my actual master schedule. Knowing what I’m going to be doing on a consistent basis helps me get back on track when life throws me a curve ball.

I love my master schedule and my organizer, how do you stay on track?