Why I Blog

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If I had to share the why of my blogging journey I’d have to say that a large part of what drives me is finding my voice and making myself heard. As a child I suffered abuse on multiple levels that left me feeling unheard and unprotected. As I got older I decided that I would never allow myself to be silenced again.

While I endured more than any child should, I did have moments of happiness and good memories and I am fortunate enough to come from a highly talented gene pool. There were always opportunities to learn things outside of what a lot of people thought a little Black girl from the hood should know. Even within the confines of respectability politics, there was a family mantra passed down from my Nana who used to frequently say, “Every day is a good day to learn.”

From my natural curiosity, above-average intellect (I’m SOOO articulate), and soul deep love of reading I found ways to escape and to amass a fairly large collection of interesting tidbits of information and talents. I am also a semi-reformed craft-a-holic (I no longer have back-ups of my back-up crafting items) whose body does well on about 6 hours of sleep a day which is more time to create, which in turn serves as a consistent way to stave off serious depression.

Blogging allows me to share what I know, what I feel, my experiences and perspectives on many intersecting points of living as a descendant of the enslaved in America. It allows me to provide a virtual shoulder and to increase my empathy and understanding of those in the Black community living with chronic illness. That journey alone could fill a blog with posts for a lifetime.

Blogging serves as a virtual diary of as much of my life experiences as I choose, living as transparently as possible while pursuing the things that matter most to me.

Lastly, it provides an opportunity for me to generate income to be used to invest in my family and my community, strengthening and empowering with what I have where I am.

I always love learning the “why” of what I do and this challenge prompt helped me clarify a few things for myself. If you blog why do you do it?



Who am I? – H.A.A.B. Blog Challenge Day 1


Images of Tishea & some of her interests
Holistic Entrepreneurship with Soul

I am. A powerful and declarative statement. When I say “I am” I am declaring that I have looked inward and weighed my own thoughts versus the opinions and suggestions of those around me. I have looked at myself, through a lens of truth, and have discovered myself. Who I am. What my purpose is. Where my passions lie.

Learning about what motivates me and why is just the beginning. I must keep learning, questioning and seeking the information that will help me to make the choices and live the life that I want to live. If I’m not evolving I’ll drown in stagnation and mediocrity. I don’t want to live my life from a position of less than the best that I can be.

A large part of living in my truth is the acceptance of living with chronic illness. It affects every part of my life including my entrepreneurial efforts. I’ll be transparent and say that this part of my journey has not been easy. I hate the physical limitations that I experience and have had to learn/acquire tools to help manage the mental stress.

There have been positives from navigating this reality however. I’ve learned (OK in some areas still learning) to set and accept my own limitations and boundaries. I no longer try to be super woman or all things to all people. I’ve become better at processing stressors and avoiding unnecessary ones. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who are not only like-minded, but who trustworthy enough for me to share the sometimes embarrassingly intimate details of my illness.

I’ve learned how to be a more honest and open wife, mother, grandmother and friend. The love and support of my family has been a tremendous blessing and I truly appreciate them. They support me when I’m down and cheer me when things are going well. They provide listening ears and shoulders to cry on. They see and encourage me when I don’t clearly see a how or understand the why.

One of biggest and most surprising aspects of navigating my life now is being able to more accurately define who I am as an entrepreneur. I found that I couldn’t follow someone else’s business structure or approach, but needed to know what would work for me. I learned to define what success looks like to me. It wasn’t what I thought it was. Success means to me that I possess enough capital to reinvest in my community making a positive impact. It means that I leave the lives I touch better than when I entered. It means that I live in truth on a consistent basis and live it unapologetic and unafraid. It means that I reduce the burden I put on the planet we all share to leave a better legacy for those to come. It means that I teach, supportĀ  and empower the Black community in every way that I can. It means that I hold space for those I can when I can.

I appreciate your interest in my journey and hope that something I say, create or share touches your life in such a way that you feel empowered to pay it forward.

I also possess enough curiosity for two people (OK occasionally I’m down right nosy) so I’d like to know If you’re an entrepreneur what does success mean to you?